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Patricia got rid of brain fog after 10 years...

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Adam got rid of his chronic back pain after 7 years...


About 7 years ago, I began to experience pains in my neck muscles.  This pain got progressively worse over the years until one day, I woke up to such excruciating pain.  I had no choice but to go to the hospital.  Turns out my discs were degenerating and I had medium spinal stenosis.  I didn't want to rely on pain medication or perform surgery, and my physical therapy wasn't helping to relieve the pains at all.  I was beginning to accept that my neck pain was something I had to deal with everyday and tough out.

But then I began to listen to Edmund's council.  Through his guidance and help, I have seen a remarkable reduction in my neck pains, sometimes even feeling no pain at all.  Not only that, I have developed a better understanding of how life's traumas/experiences from our past can affect our present situations and outcomes.

Tucker was finally able to get restful sleep...


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Rachelle was able to reduce her back pain and increase her flexibility and strength in just a few months... 


Mesrop healed his negative emotions and received emotional relief...


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I have suffered from back and neck pain for many years.  I have tried many solutions, but it kept coming back until I started my sessions with Edmund in June 2021.  Amazingly, he helped me identify what was causing my back and neck pain.

Aside from my back pain, I also suffered from a lack of focus.  Through my sessions with Edmund, I now have more direction.  I am calmer in any given situation and full of positivity.

My sessions with Edmund were life changing.  Now I am more aware of the triggers that caused my pain.  I am not just free from pain, but I also have better focus and a positive outlook on life.



I used to struggle with procrastination and lack of motivation.  It was very easy for me to get stressed out and triggered by my family.  One moment I would be happy, and the next moment, something might make me upset.

After working with Ed, I have more mental clarity than before.  I'm more relaxed and my mind is more clear when making decisions.  My communication with my family has improved.  My will power has gone up and I see a lot of possibilities in life.  I feel good.  Thank you.


I was having extreme physical pain to the point I couldn't even do anything.  The pain was mostly in the neck and shoulder area.  From the neck and shoulder area, it seemed like it would spread all over the body.  I would feel it in my head, arms, knees, and feet area.

On the good days, the pain was tolerable and I could get through the day without too much trouble.  On the bad days, it was hard to get out of bed in the morning because everything was so stiff.  There were times where I would just lay in bed because I couldn't move.  I would have to ask my husband to help me because it was so painful just to get on my feet and stand up.

I've been dealing with this type of pain since age 26 after the birth of my 2nd child, so it's been almost 10 years now.

Within 1 month of working with Edmund, my pain went away and I got way better.  I didn't imagine that this was possible. 

My mind feels lighter and the intense body ache has dropped dramatically.  I'm able to stand up and sit down without pain.  In the past, if I tried to do physical activity, I would get stiffness in my neck right away.  Now I'm able to do physical activity without my neck getting stiff.

Ruth received a clear and succinct plan to accomplish her goals...


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